Olivia Jesse Pratley ANZAC Story

Olivia Jesse Pratley ANZAC Story

Olivia Jesse Pratley – employee of Lorna Jane holding a photo of her Great Grandfather: Keith Charles Judd, WW2.

Keith Charles Judd was a WWII digger who served in the AIF on the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea.

Ever since Olivia can remember she has always marched in the ANZAC parade to show pride and appreciation for our Aussie Diggers.

Her Great Grandfather told stories her whole life about his time in the war (only the “good” parts). In February 2004, when Olivia was 11 years old he passed away. From that day forward she knew that she needed to learn more about his story.

The pieces of the puzzle started falling together, as Olivia grew older her interest and appreciation grew stronger – studying Australian History at High School helped a lot.

With a strong desire to learn more and to keep her Great Grandfathers memory alive Olivia knew that one day she would like to trek the Kokoda Trail herself.

In 2009 when Olivia was 16 years old, she was selected out of 600 people to participate in the Australian Youth Leadership Challenge to trek the Kokoda Trail, through Clubs NSW. This was a life changing experience and a glimpse into the challenges our diggers endured on that muddy track. Olivia will always strive to live the best life I can for those who sacrificed theirs for our countries future.

Each year as Olivia lines up to march in the parade alongside local diggers and their families past and present, she holds onto all the memories of her Great Grandfather. As Olivia believes that those diggers who have passed will live on through the generations who choose to never forget.

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