At Chef2Farmer our aim is to farm with a deep respect to animals. The pasture raised hens, pigs and cattle live on the freshest pasture, in their natural environments, foraging, digging, scratching and grazing all day every day, full of sunshine and vitamin D.

The animals are moved daily throughout our property onto fresh salad bar of grasses, legumes, forbes, native species, brassicas (kale, turnips, swede, and radish). This not only improves the landscape to collect and hold water and minimise soil run off but also increases the biodiversity.

We aim to mimic nature by using multiple species of plants and animals to create a diverse ecosystem to cycle the nutrients, minerals, water and manure. We do this by using holistic planned grazing.

Regenerative farming practise encourages the resurgence of smaller family-run farms like Chef2Farmer which helps ensures the provision for local food direct from farm to customers efficiently with low food miles.

Using the animals’ natural behaviours as a tool to regenerate the pastures in turn reduces the need to use machinery and diesel decreasing pollution output.

Our farming methods are about improving our pastures and most importantly the soil. Capturing solar energy to grow as much good quality pasture as we can.

Find Lisa and Todd at the Real Food Markets on Tuesdays from 12 pm.