Sunglass Hut New eco friendly range

Sunglass Hut New eco friendly range

Brand Costa has teamed up with Bureo to bring a new range of eco friendly sunglasses!

The new range of sunnies are made from 100% recycled fishing nets. Costa and Bureo work with fisherman to prevent discarded nets from polluting our oceans and harming our marine life. Discarded fishing nets are collected from commercial fishing ports in Chille and Bureo recycles them down to raw material in the form of pellets. The pellets are then molded into the untangled collection sunglasses!


Help us turn the tide on discarded nets by telling your friends about the cause.

Head to Sunglass Hut located on the ground floor at Port Central to pick up your new pair of eco-friendly sunglasses!


Named for the cold water current that ushers discarded fishing nets across marine ecosystems, the tumbled manufacturing process enhances the powerful features of this classic frame.


Born On The Water and named after a Central Chilean seaport, Caldera is a medium fit frame with soft, elegant curves and uniquely textured temples.


Returning to the waters where they were born, the square design of this larger sized frame will bring out the fisherman in you. Worn with or without removable side shields.


Simple and delicate with rough outer edges, this frame is constructed from recycled fishing nets like those that ply in our world’s oceans.