Spring Skincare

Spring Skincare

So Fresh, So Clean – Spring Skincare

Can you feel the change in the air? Spring is here and everything is suddenly fresher, lighter and brighter. It’s time for your skincare and make-up to reflect that. A great way to start is a skin care spring clean. You know the products sitting at the back of your bathroom cupboard collecting dust? Toss them! Anything older than six months is likely to have developed potentially harmful bacteria. Start fresh and follow our spring skin tips below.


Don’t be afraid to exfoliate! During winter we spend a lot of time in dry environments which can make our skin dull and flaky. Now is the perfect time to exfoliate and get rid of those dead skin cells. Give your face a light scrub in the shower then moisturise while the skin is still damp. This helps the moisturiser penetrate the skin further. Chemist Warehouse has a range of body and face exfoliators that will help get rid of that winter skin!


Even in spring it is important to moisturise. We tend to use a thick, heavy cream during winter because our skin can frequently feel quite dry. In the warmer months, skin doesn’t need as much hydration as it tends to retain more water naturally. Now is the time to switch to a lighter, water-based moisturiser. This will help maintain existing hydration without adding too much more. Excess hydration can cause breakouts due to an increase in oil production. Choose from a wide variety of moisturisers for all skin types at Chemist Warehouse.

Apply SPF

In spring and summer, it’s so important to apply a form of sunscreen and unfortunately the SPF in your foundation isn’t enough. We spend a lot more time outdoors in the sun, so our skin needs to be protected properly to prevent ageing and skin cancers. Applying a SPF 30 or above sunscreen after your moisturiser and before your make-up is a great way to make sure your skin is getting the right protection. Chemist Warehouse has loads of sunscreens for body and face so you can make sure your skin is perfectly protected all over.

Add Make-Up

Even our make-up can change in spring and summer. You have the option to take a lighter approach using tinted moisturisers instead of heavy foundations and a hydrating lip balm compared in place of dark lip colours. Tinted moisturisers deliver gorgeous dewy skin and as a bonus, most have SPF coverage – win/win! Chemist Warehouse has tinted moisturisers as well as tinted sunscreens available in store.


We all want that gorgeous summer glow, but we don’t want to spend hours in the sun damaging our skin. Using a self-tanner is a great way to achieve that sun-kissed look quick-smart. Whether you like a lotion, foam or gradual tanner, Chemist Warehouse has a huge range of self-tanners to suit every skin tone.