Ispa Kebabs – Level 1

Ispa Kebabs – Level 1

Ispa Kebabs are made from quality ingredients! We use 100% Australian beef, lamb, and pure chicken fillets. We use fresh locally produced vegetables that are prepared daily. We provide low-fat options, kebab platters, and salads for those who are carb-conscious. We are fairly different to the way other operators make their kebabs.

After the roasting on the spit we have a unique grilling process as well, so after the meat is cooked we grill it to ensure it is definitively a safe product. The result is a nutritionally sound gourmet food experience that contains virtually no preservatives or additives and can be consumed day or night. With a strong modern brand and the promotion of healthy fresh nutritious ingredients that appeals to a broad market, Ispa Kebabs can only continue to grow and succeed.

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(02) 6584 3309
First Floor Food Court, Port Central Shopping Centre
40-42 Horton Street, Port Macquarie