Halloween at Port Central

Halloween at Port Central

Port Central has everything you need this year to celebrate Halloween. From treats to costumes, decorations and décor.
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Halloween Light up Small Rattan Pumpkin $16 – Target

Rosalina Sugar Skull Novelty Candle $34.99 – Dusk

Chupa Chups Faces Flat Lollipops $4.39 – IGA

Trick or Treat Sign $12 – Target

Diego White Pumpkin Tealight Holder $29.99 – Dusk

Chupa Chups Sour Bits $5 – IGA

Halloween Plush Baskets $12 – Target

Red & Black Bleeding Taper Candle $7.99 – Dusk

Cadbury Special Treats $5 – IGA

Kids Halloween Glow in the Dark Bat Skeleton Costume $20 – Target

Pumpkin Stack Taper Holder $14.99 – Dusk

Kids Halloween Witch Costume $20 – Target