Back to School Guide

Back to School Guide

Back to School Guide

We’ve put together a collection of our favourite items to help the kids get back to school in style.

Wireless earbuds
BUY NOW @ Smiggle, $59.95

Kids Fashion Backpack Ditsy Floral
BUY NOW @ Target, $20

Bright side Large Happy Bento Box
BUY NOW @ Smiggle, $54.95

ROC Dakota Black Leather
BUY NOW @ Williams, $149.95

Pack it Freezable Classic Lunchbox
House, $39.99

Cyclops Rainbow Retro Roller Stakes
BUY NOW @ Target, $19

Surprise Reveal Eraser Pack
BUY NOW @ Smiggle, $9.95

Nike Revolution 6 PS Next Nature Kids Running Shoe
BUY NOW @ Manning Shoes, $70

Ella Diaries – The Amazing Excellent
BUY NOW @ Target, $8

Coach by Everflex
BUY NOW @ Spendless Shoes, $29.99

Essentials A4 Stationery Kit
BUY NOW @ Smiggle, $29.95

Spritz Drink Bottle 500ml
BUY NOW @ Smiggle, $39.95

Spalding Layup TF-50 Basketball
BUY NOW @ Target, $14

Popem Popit Poppies Pencil Case
BUY NOW @ Smiggle, $19.95

Kids Berlin BTS Sneaker
BUY NOW @ Target, $25

Star Wars The Mandalorian Licensed Cool Bag Lunch Box
BUY NOW @ Target, $19